Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mad Catz Dual Charging Fan Stand (Wii) - £14.97 @ Amazon

Mad Catz Dual Charging Fan Stand and Battery Packs (Wii) and Battery Packs - £14.97 delivered @ Amazon.

Product Description:

Keep the gaming juices flowing with the Mad Catz Dual Charging Fan Stand for the Nintendo Wii. Simply remove the battery covers and batteries from your first oarty Wii Remotes and affix the Power Paks in their place to prepare yourself for hours of continuous game time. The rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly, preventing the need to drain your expensive batteries and their lightweight design will not hinder game play. The stand's base, which features a fan to maintain consistent Wii operating temperatures, colorful LEDs to illuminate your Wii storage area and a convenient power pass-through, allows you to recharge at your convenience, even if you have our protective skinz covering your Wii Remotes. Functionality and cost effectiveness make the Mad Catz Dual Charging Fan Stand the ultimate solution for keeping your Wii Remotes full of energy. Mad Catz promises innovative, quality products for all your gaming needs.