Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Play TV (PS3) - £59.99 @ Amazon

Play TV (PS3) - £59.99 delivered @ Amazon.

Product Description:

PS3 already gives your family next-generation gaming, Blu-ray movies, music, video, web browsing and Playstation Network support – all in one unit. Now, with PlayTV, it has the functionality of a state-of-the-art TV tuner and PVR – it’s great value and it’s one more reason to make PS3 the centre of your family entertainment.

  • Two TV tuners: watch one programme while recording another
  • Electronic Programme Guide: a seven-day navigation interface that makes it easy to programme and watch PlayTV. It’s lightning fast and simple to use with either PS3’s Sixaxis controller or the Blu-ray Remote Control
  • Watch, pause and rewind live TV: TV programmes now operate at the viewers’ convenience. Just hit the pause button to take a break without missing a thing – and rewind any bits to watch over and over again
  • Portable viewing with PSP: Seamless PSP connectivity allows you to set recordings remotely and to watch live TV streamed on your PSP wherever you are via a WiFi connection (using Remote Play feature)
  • Record TV: while you're playing games on your PS3