Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Nintendo DS Lite Pink Console with Nintendogs - £99.75 @ Amazon

Nintendo DS Lite Pink Console with Nintendogs - £99.75 delivered @ Amazon.

Product Description:

The Nintendo DS Lite brings gaming within everyones reach. Its touch screen and voice recognition function are so simple to use that even beginners will feel at ease. This Nintendo comes with a host of new features that set it apart from all other portable video game consoles:

  • Better screen quality (brightness and definition) than all other consoles currently available
  • More compact (2/3 as large) and lighter (20% lighter) than the original DS Lite
  • Two back-lit screens brightness can be adjusted over 4 levels to adapt to any lighting and reduce energy consumption
  • A microphone located at the centre of the console, remaining battery power visible whether the console is open or closed
  • A stylus that is easier to access (in a slot located on the side of the console) and now with a more comfortable grip

Nintendogs - Nintendogs is brimming with character. Each pup looks out from the DS touchscreen and paws longingly. You can respond to your virtual pet's need of attention by stroking the screen, using items such as balls and brushes with the aid of the stylus, and talking to your dogs through the DS's inbuilt microphone system. Impressive 3D graphics give lifelike animation to these canine wonders.