Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Nintendo DS Lite Turquoise Console with Brain Training - £104.99 @ Amazon

Nintendo DS Lite Turquoise Console with Brain Training - £104.99 delivered @ Amazon.

Product Description:

The Nintendo DS Lite brings gaming within everyones reach. Its touch screen and voice recognition function are so simple to use that even beginners will feel at ease. This Nintendo comes with a host of new features that set it apart from all other portable video game consoles:

  • Better screen quality (brightness and definition) than all other consoles currently available
  • More compact (2/3 as large) and lighter (20% lighter) than the original DS Lite
  • Two back-lit screens brightness can be adjusted over 4 levels to adapt to any lighting and reduce energy consumption
  • A microphone located at the centre of the console, remaining battery power visible whether the console is open or closed
  • A stylus that is easier to access (in a slot located on the side of the console) and now with a more comfortable grip

Brain Training - Nothing about this game is ordinary, from the price to the way you hold the DS while playing it (vertically, as if you were reading a book). The basic idea is that you play through a series of puzzles each day, for about 10 minutes, and at the end of each session the "age" of your brain is calculated. The puzzles themselves range from simple maths questions to spot the difference, memorisation and comprehension. All of the answers are inputted either by drawing the answer on the touchscreen or speaking it into the DS’s in-built microphone. There’s also a multiplayer mode for up to 15 people where you can try and compete to record the youngest brain age.