Saturday, 25 April 2009

Nintendo DSi (Black) with 2 Games (Spyro & Thrillville) - £149.99 @ Toys R Us

Nintendo DSi (Black) with 2 Games (Spyro & Thrillville) - £149.99 delivered @ Toys R Us

Product Description:

This great pack features the new Nintendo DSi console, a DSi Protection kit plus 2 fun games!

Nintendo DSi: The evolution of the Nintendo DS system continues with Nintendo DSi. The Touch Screen technology, Wi-Fi functionality and voice recognition capabilities of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite remain, with exciting new additions to expand the experience.

Two cameras, downloadable Nintendo DSiWare and the ability to play your favourite music via SD cards make it easy to apply your own personal touch to your Nintendo DSi, no matter where you are. And with larger screens, built-in Internet browsing capabilities and an even slimmer design, the Nintendo DSi redefines gaming on the go.

Nintendo DSi Black Protection Kit: Includes Carry Case, SD card/Game Case, Screen Protectors, Cleaning Cloths, Dust Covers, Thumb Stylus, Earphones, Stylus Pen and Wriststrap.

Nintendo DS Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon: Free from his imprisonment, the Dark Master unleashes his wrath upon the world to bring forth a new age of darkness. Spyro must discover his abilities and unlock the power of the purple dragon within him to stop the Dark Master.

Nintendo DS Thrillville: Create your own Roller Coasters, have awesome thrill rides, play frantic minigames and socialise with guests with the Nintendo DS Thrillville.