Saturday, 4 April 2009

Samsung T220 22" Widescreen LCD TFT Monitor - £159.00 @ Amazon

Samsung T220 22" Widescreen LCD TFT Monitor - £159.00 delivered @ Amazon.

Product Description:

Inspired by the craftsmanship of Venetian glassblowers, the T220 is the embodiment of Samsung's design philosophy - natural beauty that defies standardisation. Unlike other monitors on the market today, Samsung are just as concerned about how a monitor performs as well as it looks. The unique crystal-like frame is both transparent and opaque, giving the monitor a handcrafted feel. The smooth clean lines and variety of colors will make this monitor the centerpiece of any room in your home - no matter how sophisticated it may be. The T220 from Samsung redefines the meaning of slim. This elegantly designed, ultra-thin monitor comes fully equipped with the latest in LCD technology - all packaged within a sleek, sophisticated frame. The reduced bezel width produces a slimmer profile so that every inch of your workspace is maximised.