Wednesday, 15 April 2009

VDO Dayton PN6000 5.6" GPS with DVB-T and Full European Maps - £119.99 @ Amazon

VDO Dayton PN6000 5.6" GPS with DVB-T and Full European Maps - £119.99 delivered @ Amazon

Product Description:

The PN 6000 brings the "television of the future", which is now available across large portions of Europe with a greater variety of broadcasters than ever before, into the car. Thanks to a high-performance battery and an external power supply, the PN 6000 can also be operated outside of the vehicle, for example at campsites, at the beach, or at vacation homes. This means that you can always stay up-to-date with local Teletext information that includes weather, flight schedules, sporting events, and much more. Enhanced Route & Sound with Car Radio The Route & Sound function makes it possible to listen to MP3 files while navigating to the desired destination with voice, pictogram, and map guidance. The PN 6000 is therefore equipped with a 3.5-mm stereo jack to access an audio signal. This enables navigation instructions and audio from MP3 files to be transmitted to the in-car entertainment system at the same time, playing over the sound system's speakers. Lane Guidance For more-relaxed driving and detailed guidance - especially on multi-lane roads - the PN 6000 features "Lane Guidance," which informs you with sufficient lead time when you need to change lanes in order to take an exit to reach your destination. Easy & Comfortable Handling since all of the functions of the PN 6000 can be operated with just one finger, it is important to have a large display. The PN 6000 comes with a large 5.6" LCD TFT monitor, which benefits not only the visual navigation indications, but of course the DVB-T tuner as well. If you still think 5.6" is not big enough, the PN 6000 features another highlight: Automatic Zooming. This function offers map zoom down to the intersection level, at a scale of 25 m. Thanks to password protection, you don't have to worry about unauthorized access to your data or misuse of the device by others, such as children.